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Since 1979, Friedman-Swift Associates has offered thousands of auto dealers some of the most innovative marketing research programs in the country to help them improve customer satisfaction and capture more business.

Besides providing research results, we offer dealers specific recommendations that produce improved dealer traffic and sales. A sampling of client comments:

"We received our Friedman-Swift report and began implementing as many recommendations as possible, including changing our advertising message. As a result of implementing Friedman-Swift's recommendations, we had the best month in the history of our company, became the #1 Toyota dealer in the State of New York, increased our grosses $200 per car, and became the #1 Certified Toyota Used Car Dealer in the country."

Amity Autoworld
Staluppi Automotive Group, Amityville, New York

"Every dealership spends a fortune on inventory, personnel and advertising. Dealers are always willing to spend money to control and monitor inventory (with computers, etc.) but very few monitor the effectiveness of their advertising. This program does that and more. It is a must for any dealership."

Rhett Ricart, Ricart Ford,
Columbus, Ohio
#1 retail dealership-Ward's Top 500

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