A Consumer Look at Dealer Web Sites:
A Marketing Research Study - Wave II
Friedman-Swift Associates October 2000

This summary highlights the results of a consumer market research study conducted by Friedman-Swift Associates, an automotive research firm in Cincinnati. This study, conducted in conjunction with The Cobalt Group, a Seattle-based provider of Web services for auto dealers, surveyed 1,439 consumers who visited Cobalt's DealerNet home page (www.dealernet.com) in June, July and August, 2000.

This survey investigates only the opinions of a select group of Web site users, not the entire population of car shoppers.

The sample interviewed had 53% male and 47% female respondents. Their average age was 40 and average household income was $55,470. Of all Web site users interviewed, 60% intended to purchase a vehicle in the next year, with 32% planning a purchase in the next two months.

The research findings have a margin of error of +/-2.6%, larger for subgroups. Questions about this research can be directed to judy@friedmanswift.com.

Judy George
Friedman-Swift Associates